Bill allowing medical marijuana sales in pharmacies passes Michigan Senate

Detroit Free Press – A bill that would allow for the growing of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana and sale at pharmacies in Michigan passed the state Senate on Wednesday on a 22-16 vote. The bill was lauded by supporters as a way to guarantee a safe, tested product for medical marijuana users. But opponents said it did nothing to address shortfalls in Michigan’s current medical marijuana law and would outsource production from home growers to out-of-state corporations.

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Michigan Legislators Propose Pharmacy Marijuana Sales

Associated Press – Five years after Michigan voters legalized marijuana use for medical purposes, lawmakers say it’s time the drug is brought into the fold of the health care industry so patients can buy it at their corner pharmacy. A bill approved last week by a Senate committee would pave the way for the production and sale of “pharmaceutical-grade” cannabis. The measure essentially would create a second medical pot system in the state, one that proponents say would not interfere with the existing law under which patients can grow their own pot or obtain it from caregivers. “Marijuana, if it’s to be medical marijuana, should be held to the standard of medical safety, dosage predictability,” said Sen. Roger Kahn, a Saginaw Township Republican and cardiologist. “Our medical marijuana (law) does neither of those. Yet it uses the word the word `medical’ predominantly or prominently in its claims.” Kahh is sponsoring legislation, now pending on the Senate floor, to move marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug in the same category as heroin and other drugs with no accepted medical use to a Schedule 2 drug like cocaine and morphine that are addictive but also used for medicinal purposes. The reclassification could not occur without federal approval.

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Election 2013: Marijuana advocates predict success for ‘legalization’ proposals in 3 Michigan cities

M Live – Voters in three separate Michigan communities will decide Tuesday whether local police should arrest recreational marijuana users. Ballot proposals in Lansing, Jackson and Ferndale would legalize the use or possession of up to an ounce of marijuana on private property by anyone 21 years or older. Organizers are predicting success in all three cities and hope ballot box victories will spur state lawmakers to act on bipartisan legislation that would decriminalize marijuana in Michigan, where small-time possession remains illegal under state law.

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Unemployment drug testing bill heads to Snyder, but will it head to courts over medical marijuana?

Michigan Live – Michigan residents who use illegal drugs or refuse to take a drug test offered by a prospective employer could lose unemployment benefits under a bill headed to the desk of Gov. Rick Snyder. It’s not clear whether residents who use medical marijuana — legal in Michigan since voter approval in 2008 — could suffer the same fate.

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