Who We Are

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Cannabis Workers Rising is a campaign to bring more professionalism and stability to this emerging sector of the healthcare industry. Workers in the medical marijuana and cannabis fields are coming together to shape an industry that will provide good jobs while serving the needs of our patients. Through collective bargaining, workers are ensuring better training, less turn over, and better pay and benefits.

The UFCW represents thousands of medical cannabis workers in six states and the District of Columbia. UFCW members in the cannabis industry work predominantly in dispensaries, coffee shops, bakeries, patient identification centers, hydroponics stores, and growing and training facilities. We have been a key leader in coalitions and advocacy groups that work for real change at all levels of policy and have been instrumental in working to advocate for the good jobs provided by the medical cannabis industry.

Through crafting and supporting targeted legislative efforts, leading the way in industry coalitions and setting standards for cannabis workers through collective bargaining, the UFCW is where dispensary workers and owners, along with patients and coalition allies, find legislative strength in working for their shared goals.