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Cracking the door on medical marijuana in Georgia

Journal-Constitution – Even in Georgia, we are experiencing the first stirrings of official curiosity. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, one of the younger members of the state Senate, has proposed a bit of fact-finding on medicinal uses for marijuana. And whether Georgia’s limited 1980s-era law, allowing the use of pot for the treatment of glaucoma and cancer, ought to be expanded.

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Slow, steady growth expected for medical marijuana in Illinois

Peoria Journal Star – Don’t look for medical marijuana to be a quick hit in Illinois. But over time, the state’s newest enterprise is expected to create quite a buzz. That’s the opinion of Hilary Bricken, an attorney with the Seattle-based Canna Law Group that specializes in the legalities surrounding the growing marijuana industry. In August, Illinois became the 20th state in the country to join “the cannabis union” and the second most populous state (behind California) to allow medical marijuana. The bill, signed into law in August, will license 60 registered dispensaries and 22 “cultivation centers” around the state. The law goes into effect in January 2014 but don’t look for legal pot shops to spring up any time soon, said Bricken. “You’ve got three state departments that won’t take up drafting specific regulations until January,” she said, referring to the Illinois departments of agriculture, public health and financial and professional regulation. It’s going to take a year before any of these businesses can start operating, maybe 15 to 18 months,” said Bricken, referring to the growing and selling of medical marijuana.

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FDA-approved medical marijuana clinical trial gets underway next month for kids with epilepsy

The Star-Ledger – It’s going to take a year before any of these businesses can start operating, maybe 15 to 18 months,” said Bricken, referring to the growing and selling of medical marijuana. The development is sure to be watched closely in New Jersey, where a number of families whose children have Dravet syndrome, a potentially deadly form of epilepsy, say they cannot obtain yet a useful form of medicinal marijuana through the state Department of Health.

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New York State Considers Legalizing Medical Marijuana

WKBW – New York State looks into a green initiative that patients and doctors say could help countless victims of people living with severe sicknesses. The state is considering legalizing the use of medical marijuana. The New York Assembly Health Committee will meet today at Buffalo City Hall. This new bill would set up an initiative, allowing a tightly regulated and controlled medical system. It would also allow seriously ill patients a small dosage of marijuana as long as their healthcare provider gives both approval and supervision.

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Courts, US public at odds over worker firings for ‘legal’ marijuana use

Christian Science Monitor – A worker in Colorado who undergoes a random drug test is found to test positive for marijuana use, but in less than a month pot-smoking will be legal there. Can a company with a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use still fire that worker, or should it instead adjust its policy on employee drug use? That’s just one of many questions that employers in both Colorado and the state of Washington are wrestling with as they adjust to new marijuana laws, which as of Jan. 1 will permit individuals to buy and possess up to an ounce of pot.

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Washington State Growers Roll The Dice On New Pot Licenses

NPR – Supporters of state-licensed pot share the concern that customers will turn to medical growers rather than state-licensed stores. There’s talk of legislation next year to level the playing field — to make the medical industry pay the same taxes and follow the same tight quality-control rules that apply to the new state-licensed businesses.

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